Wall Texturing Made Easy

A most amazing option of decorating the wall is wall texturing. All the people around the world like textured walls. The wall textures are durable attractive and one footstep finishers. There are many techniques for texturing walls. We can also apply this wall texturing for interior wall textures. Plain color looks boring and dull. For the purpose of texturing the wall we require the following material. We require an extension pole and a covered roller handle, a roller pan which is painted, an electrical drill, a ribbon mixer and drop cloth. We also needed a bucket of 5 gallon capacity. This material is used for roller wall texturing.

There are three ways of wall texturing. First way is called sponging. In this method we needed sea sponge, a paint glaze and a paint of two shades for sponge texturing. The main technique used in wall texturing is that, first you will choose two coats of basis paints and then painted them on the walls. After this mix the glaze with top coats. When we work with small segment sea sponge is used to blot mixed colors. Carefully because we have to used a bright touch. We can also use this technique in dry wall texturing.

The second wall texturing technique is called ragging. The items needed for this texturing technique are rags of clean lint free, a paint roller, a glaze and a paint of one shade. First we apply a base paint of two coats on the wall and let it dry. Then paint roller is used for applying the glaze on a very small region of wall. Then clean rag is wad up and pressed it toward the wall and pulls this off by removing the glaze in little amount. Every time rag is rewarded on the wall. Make sure that you are working in tiny sections. Continue your work until entire wall have completed.

The third technique is used for wall texturing is called combing. The desirable items for this texturing are a paint comb, a paint roller, a glaze and a paint of one shade. If two people want to do wall texturing, this is the best technique for them. In this technique first of all we have to apply a base color of two coats and then let it dry. For apply the glaze on the wall first one person apply the paint roller. Before dries the glaze. The second one used paint comb. Comb started on the peak of wall it straight lay down at entire length of wall.

Dry wall texturing technique is one of the most well known techniques in texturing wall. In this texturing, texture acts as the overwhelming influence. Different kinds of dry wall textures are used in this technique. Techniques used for drywall texturing are knock down and popcorn. The most suitable type of texturing is knocking down technique. Most noticeable type of texturing is the popcorn texture. We apply this texturing technique in the similar way as we apply in knock down method. In short wall texturing techniques are the best things to decorate our homes, offices and buildings.

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